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The Bible on Success (printed book and downloadable MP3)

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    Free shipping with this order.  The Bible On Success is probably the most unique success system in the world.  The Bible does not actually teach a method for success. Instead, it teaches something that we call “successful servanthood”. Unlike the faddish “prosperity” teachings of the last century, successful servanthood is the only success principle endorsed in the Scriptures.


    Virtually every Bible verse that deals directly with the subject of success is reprinted in The Bible on Success. In other words, we have compiled everything that the Bible teaches into one easy-to-read book.


    A very important key to our system is the 40-minute MP3 download, containing a recitation of the same 250 Bible verses that are printed in the book (read by the author, Gary Crossland).


    If you play this audio file in “repeat” mode during any of your daily activities, you will find yourself memorizing these Scriptures, thinking and praying about them, quoting them, and using them in every situation.  


    The Bible on Success is a very simple book. After all, God’s principles for success are not complicated, nor are they limited to a very few. Successful servanthood is for everyone, and anyone can achieve it.


    You can either order the printed book (and the 40-minute audio MP3 will be sent to via email), or you can order the eBook and audio download together.

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