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The Octagon Tour for Computers (1.5).zip

  • It's FREE!

    This is a totally FREE interactive eBook version of our live Octagon Tour to the Holy Land. We just started publishing it, so there are only a few videos in it right now.  However, every month we will be uploading new videos, and each time we do you will receive a notice. This free eBook can be loaded onto any mobile device. You get both the .epub version and the .pdf version of the book. There are links to Google Maps, so you can know exactly where each site is located.


    1. Use this book as a primer before you visit the Holy Land on a live Octagon Tour.

    2. Use it while traveling on an Octagon Tour to understand all of these sites.

    3. Use it as a refresher or a supplement after you return home.

    4. Since this eBook is totally free to distribute, you can share our site with a friend who is contemplating traveling to the Holy Land.

    5. The videos will allow you to virtually retrace our steps as you make your own pilgrimage to each one of these holy sites.

    6. In each chapter there are links that will open up directly into a Google Map.

    7. If you are interested in taking a live Octagon Tour to the Holy Land, please click the Holy Land Tours link at the top of this page.

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