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How to Use This Book

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1. Use this book as a primer before you visit the Holy Land on a live Octagon Tour.

2. Use it while traveling on an Octagon Tour to understand all of these sites, and to use the pictures and maps on location as real-time visual aids in your journey.

3. Use it as a refresher or a supplement after you return home, to brush up on the sites you saw, or to see what you missed.

4. Since this eBook is totally free, you can share it with a friend who is contemplating traveling to the Holy Land, or to give them a review about your own trip.

5. The videos will allow you to virtually retrace my steps as you make your own virtual pilgrimage to each one of these holy sites.

6. The Merged Gospels is cross-referenced in this book. More information about The Merged Gospels can be found on this site.

7. The map coordinates will open up directly into a Google map.

8. Live Tours. If you are interested in taking a live Octagon Tour to the Holy Land, you can find out more from this site.

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