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The Merged Gospels is the only book in history to translate the Gospels from the original Greek text, separate them into four columns, and merged them together into one chronological story, removing only the duplicated content.

The Merged Gospels took seven years to write, including seven trips to Israel, where we literally retraced the steps of Jesus through all 94 geographic sites referred to in the Gospels.  Unlike typical Gospel harmonies, which only compare blocks of texts, The Merged Gospels breaks all four Gospels down word-by-word.  Not one word of Scripture has been removed, and all difference between the Gospels have been highlighted.

Scholarly Reviews


"Excellent" - Dr. Stanley Horton

"Indispensable" - Dr. Bob Ross

"Exceptional" - Dr. Anthony Palma

"A major work" - Dr. Olin Storvick

"Creative" - Dr. Scott Caroll

"A masterpiece" - Dr. Dennis Frey

"Beautiful" - Dr. Delmar Guynes

"Highly recommended" - Dr. Alvin Low

"Powerful and unique" - Dr. Byron Klaus

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Customer Comments

"I can't put it down!" - Tammy Pardy

"Never been easier." - Doug Rumbold

"We read it every night!" - Mike Kendall

"Great study tool" - Dean Dixon

"Super-powerful!" - Kelly Greenwood

"Helped me a ton!" - David Tamm

"We are loving it!" - Seth Dunham

"Amazing.  I'm thrilled!" - Judith Lawson

"My most marked book!" - Rick Burns

"It goes everywhere." - Kenneth Marley

"A must-have." - Frank Smithon

"Great Biblical resource." - Joe Arneson

"Excellent!!!" - Anthony Continion

"Outstanding reference." - Brad Allen

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Audio Book


The Merged Gospels – Audio Book is a dramatic recitation read by its author and translator, Dr. Gary Crossland.  This is the complete story of Jesus in chronological order.  By listening to the Gospels in merged format, you will follow every  footsteps of Christ through the events in His life.  It's available on on either seven CDs or downloadable .mp3 files.

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The Merged Gospels Audio Book - Sample
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Bible on Success - audio sample - Gary Crossland
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This is probably the most unique success system in the world.   The Bible does not actually teach a method for success. Instead, it teaches something that we call “successful servanthood”. Virtually every Bible verse that deals directly with the subject of success is reprinted in The Bible on Success.  It's a very simple book. After all, God’s principles for success are not complicated, nor are they limited to a very few. Successful servanthood is for everyone, and anyone can achieve it.

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The Bible On Success