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Customer Comments


We received our copy of The Merged Gospels. Excellent work! Can barely put it down. Love it. Will make a great study resource. Gary did an incredible work that is mind boggling in scope. This will certainly be a great blessing to many today, and will really aid in people’s understanding of the life of the Jesus and of the credibility of the Gospels themselves.

Tammie Pardy


I love reading your Merged Gospels seminal work to my children, and deeply appreciate all the research you put into it; sincere thanks, especially for the extensive notes behind your reasoning for various decisions and for dividing the narrative into stories like the Early Church would have known.

Aaron Overly-Graham

I have been blessed so much with this book. I have shared this to my friends and other brothers and sisters. I had a burning desire to go back to it and once again let the Word of God wash over me. I thank you so much for your ministry that will affect the generations to come.
Josephine Luzada


An outstanding reference.  The Merged Gospels is a no-nonsense comparison of the Gospel accounts. It is easy to use and well researched.  I would highly recommend this reference if attempting to understand how the Gospel accounts fit together.

Brad Allenon

This book has become an essential in my Biblical collection of commentaries and Bibles. In short, it is a "must-have" for any serious Bible student. The book will greatly assist him when doing comprehensive studies of various Gospel passages. Much time will be saved by eliminating all duplicate passages. Further, the book also maintains a correct chronology of events. The reader will be amazed at how much confusion is eliminated as he studies through the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Frank Smithon


Great Book!  I found this book helpful in understanding the comparison of the Gospel writers. If you're studying the Gospels, you need this book!

Andy Taylor

Love it!  Worth the money spent. It's been a blessing to read - and sheds light on some of the more difficult passages in the story of Jesus.

Nancy Bontempoon

These books make excellent gifts and everyone I have bought one for has loved it.
Vince Jeevar


I am a Lutheran pastor (now “retired”) and I appreciate the scholarly work you have done with The Merged Gospels. I want to say in particular that your translation flows, and I really appreciate the “literal”-ness of it. God bless you.
Marlow Olson


I love what you’ve done! The Merged Gospels is so much better than a harmony of the Gospels. Merging the narrative makes many of the stories more detailed, more complete, and more meaningful. I was also struck with the sheer number of stories contained in the 4 Gospels. You totally miss that when you read each Gospel individually. Anyway, I love it and can’t stop listening to it! I thank God that you responded to the leading of the Holy Spirit to do this difficult job. God Bless you!
Tom Cray


I read The Merged Gospels for 90 minutes each morning. It’s a simpler layout to know and read about the life of Jesus. Never I have seen an easier book to understand, rather than jumping between chapters and books in the Bible.
Sam Salsbury


Thank you so much. I have to tell you, your work has been such a blessing. Thanks for honoring God and being HUGE encouragement to me.
Doug Rumbold


The Merged Gospels have made a big impact on me and the men that I am discipling! They are all wanting to go deeper and share the disciple making way of Jesus with others.
Pastor Jesse Bartz


What a rewarding project, and through many challenges you brought it to completion. Wow. Thanks for the quality workmanship.
Doug Ford


I want to extend my appreciation for your work with The Merged Gospels. I have been listening and referencing it frequently, and it has been very beneficial and has blessed my life. I can’t thank you enough.
Marilyn Hardy


I had wondered for a while why I had never seen the 4 Gospel accounts put together as one narrative. Now I’m excited about reading it for myself and to my children.
Marcus Allred


I just finished the first part of The Merged Gospels, and it was the most interesting & engaging Gospel reading ever! I love the chronological order with no duplicates plus the dates, locations, and scriptures. This was the first time ever that I looked forward to reading a good novel. I recommended it to my Bible study group last Sunday. And I’d love to take a Holy Land tour with your company someday.

Mary Farerra


We are really enjoying The Merged Gospels. We read it for Bible every night, and it’s fun that you added the OT references when they quote them.
Mike Kendall


I’ve already enjoyed reading some of the merged gospels and commend you for a first rate job. It is in fact the most important story in the world.
Reed McNeely


The Merged Gospels could indeed be a very helpful resource. It could potentially help clarify difficult passages and allow you to see the same story from numerous perspectives. The Merged Gospels is definitely a great study tool with all of its cross-references and the ability to read the actual verses the Gospels refer to.
Dr. Dean Dixon


I think The Merged Gospels is a very helpful tool for anyone to better understand the gospels in whole. With these Gospels merged, all the information and content in each are very precisely put into one book which makes it way easily to study and to grasp every single detail in all the Gospels in just one reading. This resource can help any theologian when trying to study the Gospels.
Stephen Potter


The Merged Gospels is any easy way to compare all the Gospels to one another. It may also clarify some things that can be difficult to understand. It can be very helpful to new believers in seeing the full story of Christ from start to finish.
Sami Wyatt


I’m just starting The Merged Gospels, and loving the flow of His ministry in regards to all 4 Gospels! I also saw your segment on YouTube over the book and it was super powerful! Thanks for following God’s lead to write the book!
Kelly Greenwood


I love your work. It has helped me a ton. I haven’t seen anything like it. Thanks A million.
David Tamm


Thanks for all your tremendous hard work putting these resources together. I have been taking my volunteers and students (high school and college) through The Merged Gospels, looking at Jesus’ disciple making process,and we are loving it!!!
Seth Dunham


The Merged Gospels work is amazing! I am thrilled! Your work is so fantastic, and I want to spread the word about it.
Judith Lawson


I wanted to tell you that you have done the church and the body of Christ a great service and favor by putting the Gospels together in this way! God bless you.
Charlie McGee


Excellent!!  A clear concise reading of the gospels, an excellent companion to your daily reading/walk with Jesus!!! Gary Crosland (the author) was very helpful after the sale and provided e-mail correspondence to my questions.  A great buying experience

Anthony Continion

I have already listen to over 40 minutes of the audio book, and I love it! Thanks for all your help and may God continue to bless you, and use you for His service.
Dan Cormier


I’m loving the book by the way! It’s awesome having all four Gospel’s right next to each other compare. I really appreciate all of the notes in the appendix as well, explaining apparent contradictions in more detail.
Eric Shiffer


I very much have enjoyed going through the book this past year and look forward to doing it again this summer. I have never marked up a book as much as yours…...that’s a great complement!!
Rick Burns


I love it! Thank you. Like you said it would way simplified my understanding of the Gospels and you know what it really did! I need to tell you that The Merged Gospels go everywhere with me.

Kenneth Marley


I love your work on The Merged Gospels.  I can never read the Gospels the same any longer.
Bret Tomlinson

Great resource!  Helpful in understanding the narrative of the Gospels in a way that we often miss. The Merged Gospels was compiled with an honest dedication to the integrity of Scripture, careful analysis over ancient Greek text and a pure desire to make the ministry of Jesus clear and accessible.

Justin Crendon

Excellent background for the book at the beginning.  It will be a great addition to our love of the gospels.

Carolyn S. Striker

This is an excellent book, providing each of the gospels side by side and also merging all 4 Gospels into one beautiful and rich story of the life of Jesus!

Brent McKay

Unified clarity for the Gospels.  Great Biblical resource to add to my library. Helps clarify the time line of events in Christ short time of ministry.

Joe Arneson

I am a Lutheran pastor (now “retired”) and I appreciate the scholarly work you have done with The Merged Gospels. I want to say in particular that your translation flows, and I really appreciate the “literal”-ness of it. God bless you.
Marlow Olson


I am constantly gaining new insights as the Spirit opens my understanding of stories I have heard or read many times.

Victoria Yellandon

I highly recommend reading this book. Although I've read the Gospels many times, it's a different experience to read them all together and flowing as one story. For instance, there are teachings that Christ did that I assumed He taught only once - just due to the nature of reading them in 4 separate books, I assumed they were all talking about the same point in time. This turns out to be false. Jesus taught on a few subjects at different points in time. That became very clear by reading this book.

Kelly Jean Whitakeron

The Merged Gospels is an Interesting Look at the Gospel Accounts in Chronological Order.  We used The Merged Gospels in our adult Bible School.

Joni Beanon

Wow! What a blessing to have the work you have completed available to the public. I am teaching a "First Principles" class with The Merged Gospels as a foundation. What a gift from you! I have purchased 9 copies and plan to share the book with many more fellow believers.

Curtis Wubbena

Very helpful!   Excellent Bible-study resource!

Edwin Nuton

Great work! It is so helpful to see the Gospels in a chronological sequence. This has given me new insight I could not have acquired without this great book.

Jamie Crenshawon

These books make excellent gifts and everyone I have bought one for has loved it.
Vince Jeevar


Scholary Reviews


Excellent!” “The Merged Gospels is a new and unusual comparison and merger of the Gospels. Both the translation and the merger are excellent! Those love the Bible will be blessed by studying this fine work.”

Dr. Stanley Horton, Th.D., Central Baptist Theological Seminary. (Co-author and translator of The New Testament Study Bible, as well as many other books and commentaries; Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Bible and Theology)


“Exceptional!” “The Merged Gospels is probably the most important presentation of the Gospels in our age. To simplify the study of the Gospels, Dr. Gary Crossland has merged every word, event, and teaching of Jesus into a single story. His translation of all four Gospels is exceptional, and His “merging” goes far beyond the traditional “harmony” of the Gospels approach. Every Believer should have this outstanding tool for their study and research in the hassle of thumbing through all four Gospels for the complete picture of Jesus’life and ministry. It will remain open on your study desk daily.”

Dr. Bob Ross, Th.D, International Baptist Christian Theological Seminary. (Author of Discover Israel and The Jewishness of Jesus)


“Indispensable!” “The Merged Gospels will be very helpful to in-depth student of the Gospels as well as any other who wish to gain a better understanding of the sequence of events in the four Gospels. The work reflects attention to detail and a love of the Scriptures. Dr. Crossland’s introduction to the book is indispensable to understanding his excellent methodology and careful treatment of the Biblical text. I anticipate using it whenever I am involved in serious Bible study.”

Dr. Anthony Palma, Th.D., Concordia Seminary. (Professor Emeritus of New Testament; author of many books, including Galatians and Romans – A Study Guide)


“A major work!” “Dr. Crossland has produced a major work. I can only imagine the effort and time it must have consumed. I particularly appreciate the footnotes section, where I could follow his reasons for doing what he did.”

Dr. Olin Storvick, Ph.d, University of Michigan. (Former Chairman, Department of Classical Studies, Concordia college, archaeologist and author)


“Creative!” “I applaud you for your hard work, diligence and creative approach.”

Dr. Scott Carroll, Ph.D., Miami university. (Founder of the Scriptorium center for Christian antiquities. One of the world’s foremost scholars on ancient Biblical texts.)


“A masterpiece!” “Dr. Gary Crossland’s The Merged Gospels is a seminal work in Biblical Studies for the New Testament. Someone has finally discovered how to bring the four Gospels together in such a way that senior scholars, as well as novice students of the Bible, can read and fully understand the life of Jesus without having to consult several sources at the same time. The Merged Gospels, by Dr. Gary Crossland, is a masterpiece of page layout and Greek translation! Readers will no longer need to switch between several translations, words studies and synoptic parallels in order to complete a trustworthy study of the four Gospels. This unique and original approach to combining the entire Gospel record into one logical work is destined to become the standard desk reference for all students of the Bible.”

Dr. Dennis Frey, Th.D., D.Min. (President, Masters International School of Divinity)


"Beautiful!” “The Merged Gospels should be in every minister’s library, in our colleges and churches, and in the homes of all Bible-loving believers. It brings the narrative style that Jesus preached into clear focus, without losing any of the dynamic of the Gospel message. It is indeed a beautiful volume that I am reading with care and pleasure! The ‘many’ who will study it will be greatly blessed.”

Dr. Delmar Guynes, Ed.D., University of North Texas. (Former President, Southwestern Assemblies of God University)


“Highly recommended!” “The Merged Gospels is one of the most indispensable tools in Biblical studies! It is an excellent merger of the four Gospels, giving a chronological and comprehensive reading of the life of Christ. I highly recommend it for all!”

Dr. Alvin Low, Ph.D., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary. (President, ACTS International; auther of many books, including Keys to Unlocking the Bible)


“Powerful and unique!” “Countless hours have been spent compiling The Merged Gospels for studying the Gospels. The chronology and merged harmony of this wonderful tool are combined into a powerful and unique narrative!”

Dr. Byron Klaus, D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary. (Prolific author and President of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary)

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