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The Church of Lazarus

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Exploring the Church of Saint Lazarus

Location - Bethany (modern Al-Eizaria)

Map Coordinates - 31.771600, 35.256496

Built on the site of both Byzantine and Crusader ruins, the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Lazarus was built in 1952, and is dedicated to the man whom Jesus raised from the dead in Bethany (modern al-Eizariya). The miracle of raising Lazarus, according to the Gospel of John, led the Jewish rulers to plan to end both the life of Jesus, as well as Lazarus himself. Inside visitors can view parts of the apse of the ancient church through trapdoors in the floor, just inside the main entrance. The church is built in a traditional cruciform plan; that is, in the shape of a cross.

The church has no windows or other openings. Therefore, visitors have the feeling that they have entered a catacomb. The sunlight that comes from the top of the dome symbolizes the resurrection of Lazarus, having walls adorned with beautiful mosaics.

The church of Saint Lazarus is only twenty-five meters from the traditional tomb of Lazarus.

A mosaic inside the Church of Lazarus 

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