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The Hasmonean Palace

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Is This Where Jesus Met Herod Antipas?

Location - The Old City of Jerusalem

Map Coordinates - 31.776596, 35.233326

Merged Gospels story 274

This palace no longer exists. It was originally built by the Hasmonean (Maccabean) kings, who ruled Israel before Jesus’ time.

Before Herod the Great built his Grand Palace on the west side of town, he resided in the Hasmonean Palace. After he moved into his Grand Palace, the Hasmonean Palace was then used by his sons whenever they were in Jerusalem, including Herod Antipas.

Jesus being brought to Herod Antipas at the Hasmonean Palace.

On the day that Jesus was crucified, He was sent by Pontius Pilate to Herod Antipas, who was probably staying in the Hasmonean Palace. This story is told in Luke 23:5-12. If that is the case, this palace was a Biblical site, and even though it no longer exists, we know approximately where it stood.

This palace was on the western side of what we now call The Western Wall Plaza, providing a magnificent view of the Temple Mount. It contained a roof where the people in the large square below could be addressed. It had large courts, living quarters, and baths.

Today, these ruins have been covered over by a synagogue on the west side of the Western Wall Plaza.

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