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What is The Merged Gospels?

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The Merged Gospels took seven years to write, including seven trips to Israel, where we literally retraced the steps of Jesus through all 94 geographic sites referred to in the Gospels.

The Merged Gospels is a literal English translation of the Greek Gospels, broken down word-by-word in four columns, and reassembled chronologically into one flowing story. It is the field manual for the Octagon Tour.

Unlike typical Gospel harmonies, which only compare blocks of texts, The Merged Gospels breaks all four Gospels down word-for-word. Not one word of Scripture has been removed, and all differences between the Gospels have been highlighted.

You can download a free sample of The Merged Gospels book or audio book by going to

Click below to watch a video about The Merged Gospels.

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